How it works is a smart vegetable planner for organic square foot gardeners. It uses a database of plants plus our unique suggestion system to provide guidance on what to plant. It also has an easy to use visual planner and reminders for planting and harvesting.

1. Create your beds.

After telling us where your garden is, we will create an empty bed for you. You can customise the name and size of your beds, and add more beds.

To pick a vegetable, just click or touch a square to get suggestions of what to plant.

Or get us to automatically plan your bed with the top suggestions. Vegetable Planner

2. Choose your vegetables.

The vegetables are ordered with the best suggestions first. We show why each plant is a good or a bad option based on our multiple tests.

When you are happy, add it to the plan. Vegetable Suggestions

3. Follow your plan.

No more forgetting what is in each square, or when you planted your carrots.

The plan updates to show you the progress of your vegetables as they grow. is available on smart-phones and tablets too, so you can take it into the garden with you. Vegetable Plans

4. Get reminders of what you need to do.

No more losing slips of paper with the date you sowed the spinach or beetroots, leave it to

Our task list is always up-to date with what you need to do and when. From what seeds to buy, to when to harvest. Our task list keeps you on track. Vegetable Tasks

5. Time to harvest.

Check the times for when you can harvest your vegetables, and how long there is to go.

When it is ready, record the time and get new suggestions for what you can plant next! Vegetable Harvest

Then start again! That is all there is to it.

Enjoy growing your vegetables with!

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What makes special?

Here at, we understand that growing vegetables in a small space can be challenging. Growing and planning in an urban garden is very different from a large rural allotment.

When you want to follow organic growing principles and get the most out of your space without pesticides and fertilizers, it can be difficult to plan your rotations and companions to get the most from your plot.

Our system checks lots of things to make sure you get the most from your harvest, such as:

That is just a quick idea of the power of Why not get started now and see for yourself how easy it is to grow your own organic vegetables at home.